What Electrocoating(EDP) is

Electrocoating (EDP) is a professional terminology for a broad range of industrial processes. Simply defined, Electrocoating (EDP) is the industrial process for applying coatings to metal fabricated products. It has a number of advantages as follows:

1. The process applies coatings which generally have a very uniform coating thickness without porosity.

2. Complex fabricated objects can easily be coated, both inside cavities as well as on the outside surfaces. It is rustproof effective.

3. Applicable to wide range of metal materials.

4. The process is normally automated and requires less labor than other coating processes.

5. Relatively high speed of coating which can effectively reduce cost.

6. The aqueous process which is commonly used relatively has less risk of fire compare to the solvent-borne coatings that they have replaced.

7. Electrocoating (EDP) is significantly more environmentally friendly than many other painting technologies.